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Atelios is a simple tabletop role-playing game setting, based off the continent of Europe. Atelios is a fairly open world with little history or detail at this point, but new things are being added all the time as The Lost Mercenary Guild fights their way around the continent. Feel free to use it as a base for your own D&D or other RPG world. The setting works best for the classic genre portrayed by the World of Greyhawk setting, where themes of a feudalistic society, threats posed by other humanoids, and a general fear of magic prevail.

If you have an idea for something you want to add to the world, make an article about it! I reserve the right to take it down if I feel it isn't fitting with the rest of the setting, but I can't possibly make a good RPG world on my own.

An Overview of Atelios

Adventurer's Map of Atelios

The World of Atelios is vast and diverse. Once, the Sea of Life was the center of civilization; humans built great empires and advanced both science and art in ways none would have thought possible of such a short-lived race. However, these empires came and went. With the fall of the Hydracid Empire, the roads that once connected the grand cities of marble have fallen into disuse and disrepair. Instead of going into politics or writing plays, most humans now are forced to work the land for a lifetime to pay off their debts to various members of the feudalistic hierarchy. Orcs, bandits, and barbarians go unchecked, and there is no nation powerful enough to drive them off.

The population of Atelios is primarily human. Other races are at least tolerated, but a poor villager or farmer might go their whole life without ever seeing a member of another race. Elves are viewed as vermin by dwarves, and vice-versa. Normally, humans have no predisposition towards other races, but due to ongoing wars between humans and Nivenesh elves, there is currently a great deal of animosity between the two.

The ratio of humans / dwarves / elves / gnomes / halflings in Atelios is about 50 / 15 / 15 / 10 / 10. Other races include scattered half-elves and half-orcs as well as the rare dragonborn/draconians and tieflings. Of these, draconians are the only non-playable race, due to the reclusiveness and primitiveness of their culture.

For more than a thousand years, the Hydracid empire ruled over most of Atelios. However, as the Second Era came to a close, the Empire began to dwindle. First a horrific plague, then the rebellion of various regions of the Empire shook the pillars of civilization. When the walls of the Imperial City caved in to the battering ram of Western invaders, the continent was thrown into darkness. With no government to guide them, the commoners hid in abandoned forts and strongholds, under the protection of local chieftains. Slowly, these chieftains became barons, and later, kings; and the age of feudalism dawned.

Thus began the Third Era, known as the Missing Era (ME). For two centuries, Atelios was in a constant state of war. Barbarians, especially Vikings from Anderslend and Sveynland, terrorized the countryside, and few could hope for a long life. The centaurs of the Goldenhorde, under a newly-arisen Khan, became very powerful to the west of Atelios, though they fell due to internal disputes before they could push deeper into the continent.

However, in 241 ME, something monumentous occurred. King Childeric the Fat was crowned king of what little remained of the ancient Hydracid Empire. Childeric united the many warring nations of central Atelios into an order known as Childeric's Alliance. This new holy league quickly found itself at war with the elves of the Nivenesh Empire, a conglomerate of nations who had also just been united under the rule of the Twin Queens.

Today, it is the Year of the Lion, Missing Era 464. Childeric's alliance has stood for two centuries, and has kept the lands of Atelios in relative peace. The barbarians of Norssenland and Sveynland have been brought to heel by their southern neighbors; The Eir and Gow have been freed from human control. Petrocoria is in a state of active war against Nivenesh, as the latter continues it's aggressive territorial campaign northward.

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